You Be the Bank

You Be the Bank

Utilizing the power of the banking effect in your own financial life

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“Infinite Banking has given me the financial security and certainty that I never had with traditional investments.”

-Stan B.

What is You Be the Bank?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Banks make money. The problem is they make their money off of you, in interest and fees.

In fact many Americans pay 24-34 percent of their income towards interest.

And on top of that, Americans have high taxes and have to deal with investments that take market loss.

However, by implementing the You Be the Bank system into your own financial life, you can start to redirect interest money into your own wealth, lower your growth taxes, and lower market losses to zero.

But how?

You be the bank utilizes whole life insurance as a vehicle for building wealth, mimicking what most banks already do. By capitalizing your banking system, borrowing from, and paying back with interest, you can put money to work in your own financial life.

The benefits of this system are vast, including guaranteed returns, no risk, tax free growth, tax free income, tax free transfer of wealth to heirs upon death, liquidity, control, use of money, no contribution limits, and more.

Whether you are tired of not having control over dollars in your 401k, paying too high of taxes, have high fees associated with government sponsored plans, losing opportunity costs, paying too much in interest, or losing dollars in the current markets, You Be the Bank offers solutions to each one of these situations.

But it isn’t for everyone, there is some responsibility involved in a system like this.

You must put on the banker hat, and be an honest banker with yourself.  You must be an honest banker in order for the You Be the Bank system to work properly.

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