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The more you can educate yourself, the brighter your financial future will be. This is exactly why we want you to have access to our entire collection of books at no charge. These books contain 25+ years of financial experience and are guaranteed to help you learn more about the smart and safe financial principles we believe in.

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"The Banking Effect"

Dan's best selling book - "The Banking Effect" covers the principles of Infinite Banking and Cash Value Life Insurance and the fundamentals of money that make these concepts works so well. This is the highest recommended book for someone new or learning about these concepts.

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"Discovering Hidden Treasures"

Dan's first major book - "Discovering Hidden Treasures" focuses more on the fundamentals of money and how it applies to businesses small and large. Although many of the themes are business based this book still applies well to all individuals looking to learn more about the fundamentals of money.

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"The Simple Banking System"

Written by Joshua Thompson - "The 'Simple' Banking System" is a short 15 page, to the point, no nonsense breakdown of the Infinite Banking Concept and how it applies to any financial situation. Written to be direct, this book will help you grasp a logical look at every aspect of the Infinite Banking Concept.

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"Infinite Banking has given me the financial security and certainty that I never had with traditional investments."

-Stan B.

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