Utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept

High cash value life insurance and becoming your own banker

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“Infinite Banking has given me the financial security and certainty that
I never had with traditional investments.”

-Stan B.

An Example of the Infinite Banking Concept

There is a lie that has been planted deep inside of our brains. As a society we have bought into this lie and it permeates what most people believe about money. The lie is, “you must take risk to be wealthy.”

While there are times when risk is necessary, when you look at the difference between the wealthy and the rest of the country where they take risk is more important than any other factor.

The difference is the wealthy only take calculated risks. This means they only take risks when they know that the environment is grossly in their favor.

However, risking your money in an environment where you have no control is the poor man’s thinking.

The Wealthy Farmer

There was a farmer I met who was good at what he did. He knew how to farm. So, after he made his money he wasn’t going to put it into some investment that he didn’t understand, he wanted to put it somewhere where it could grow safely and he could access the capital when he wanted to.

As he made more money he started buying up more farmland and, as you can imagine, it was just compounding growth from there.

When I met him he had millions of dollars in permanent life insurance, or in what we call, cash value life insurance.

Most people ask right away, “Why? Why would he put a dime in something so horrible as life insurance?”

Well, that’s because we have been improperly taught about the simple reality of the financial world.

This farmer recognized while he was younger that permanent, or whole, life insurance offered him everything he needed.

It offered him a place to put his money where it could grow without risk.

It offered a place where it could be taken out and used whenever he needed it–whether for his own needs or for investing in his business.

And it offered him a place where, when he died, his family would be able to collect not only the money he had invested, but most likely a substantial amount more, and it would be income tax free.

So, unknown to himself, he used a strategy called Infinite Banking*.

Is Infinite Banking Right for Me?

With Infinite Banking, or becoming your own bank, we simply use the power of compound interest in a whole life insurance policy. This mean safety, security, and steady, predictable, long term growth.

The risk game works, if the risks you are taking are strategic and planned. However, cash value life insurance offers us a place to put our money when we want safety.

Keep in mind you do not have to take risks ever. We have met more than our fair share of people who would be much wealthier today if they had put their money under their mattress. The market has crushed many of the unsuspecting.

However, this strategy will allow you to use your money whenever you decide. For some people saving money in a safe place and letting it compound is more than enough. For others the tax advantages and safety nets are a benefit to their long term investment plan.

Regardless, this concept provides a safe environment for your money.

How Can I Get More Information?

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Our only goal is to give you all the information you need. Once you understand the concept you will know whether it’s right for you or not. We know this isn’t for everyone.

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